Identifying and Reporting Scams

Here are some general guidelines to follow before interacting with any dapps. Keep in mind that finding answers to these questions will not guarantee that a dapp is 100% safe to use. You should never risk more capital than you are willing to lose when interacting with any dapp. 

Ask yourself the following questions before connecting your wallet to a dapp:

  • How well known is the project? Does it have a large online following or has it been featured in any trusted media outlets?

  • Does it have an active community and social media presence with organic engagement? 

  • How long has the project been in existence? 

  • Who is the team behind the project and are they reputable?

Unfortunately, Coinbase will not be able to help recover any funds lost from your dapp wallet. Coinbase is not affiliated with, and does not endorse dapps. Coinbase is also not responsible for any lost funds. Please be careful when interacting with dapps. If your Coinbase account has been compromised or you would like to report an unauthorized transaction, please visit our help center articles for assistance: 

My account was compromised

How do I report an unauthorized transaction?