Connect dapp wallet with QR code

If you are on a desktop browser and want to use a dapp like Uniswap, you can now connect your dapp wallet by scanning a QR code.

  1. First, select 'connect wallet' on the Uniswap app page.

2. Select Coinbase, then 'Coinbase app'

This option will show you the instructions for how to connect your dapp wallet through the Coinbase app.

3. On your mobile app, tap the 3 dot icon to load the shortcut menu below. Then select the 'scan' icon.

Use you mobile camera to scan the QR code on your desktop browser, which will connect your dapp wallet to Uniswap.

You can also open the camera app on your phone and scan the QR code from there. When you scan the QR code this way, your camera app will display a link that takes you to a menu page where you can choose to open or download the Coinbase app or Coinbase Wallet in order to connect your dapp wallet.

Signing transactions on desktop browser from dapp wallet

1. To sign a transaction, first enter the amount of tokens you want to swap and then, click 'swap' and then 'confirm swap'.

2. While your swap is confirming, you will receive a 'Signature request' notification on your phone informing you that the transaction needs to be signed through your dapp wallet.

3. Open the notification on your Coinbase app, review the details of your transaction a then select 'confirm'. Your transaction will then execute on the desktop browser.

Setup new dapp wallet from QR code

If you have not yet setup a dapp wallet, once you scan your QR code on the Coinbase app, you will be prompted to setup a dapp wallet so that you can connect it to the dapp you are using (e.g Uniswap).

Once you have setup a new dapp wallet, it will connect to your chosen dapp. You must then fund your new wallet with ETH to perform transactions.

Connect to dapp from mobile browser

You can also connect to your dapp wallet if you are accessing dapps from your mobile browser. To do this, select 'connect wallet' then click 'Coinbase'.

Because you are on a mobile browser, you will not need a QR code to connect to your dapp wallet on the Coinbase app.

Instead, you will be directed to a new page where you will be asked to download the Coinbase app or Coinbase Wallet (visit this help article to review the difference between the app and wallet).

If you already have the app, select 'Coinbase app' to be taken to the app page where you can connect your dapp wallet to the dapp on your mobile browser.

Disconnect dapps

If you connected to a dapp, you can disconnect directly from the Coinbase app. To do this;

  • Go to the 'Profile & Settings' Menu

  • Select 'Browser settings'

  • One the next screen you will see an option that says 'Auto-connect', which allows you to save time reconnecting your dapp wallet whenever you visit dapps that you previously connected to.

  • Below this option you will see the 'Connected dapps' option. Select this option to to view all the dapps that your dapp wallet is currently connected to.

  • You can disconnect from these dapps by selecting 'disconnect'.

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