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Connect to the Coinbase Data Marketplace SFTP service


Before you connect to the Coinbase Data Marketplace SFTP service and download the purchased datasets, you need to generate an SSH public-private key pair. You'll share the public key with the Coinbase sales team to activate your SFTP account. You’ll also need your username/customer ID that was sent by the Coinbase sales team.  Learn more here.

To download your purchased datasets, you'll connect to the Coinbase Data Marketplace SFTP service. A variety of SFTP clients are supported. A detailed guide on different clients is covered here. Expand the sections below for steps on how to connect via SFTP based on your device.

To connect via SFTP on your Linux or macOS, run the command:

$ sftp -i <key-file> <username>@<marketplace-endpoint> 

For example: 

$ sftp -i coinbase-marketplace-key 
[email protected]

If you have trouble, perform a connectivity check to confirm you can reach the SFTP service endpoint and then retry running the command.

$ nc -vz 22

You'll see the following response if your connectivity check is successful:

Connection to port 22 [tcp/ssh] succeeded!

You should see a “succeeded!” response if your network connection allows you to reach the SFTP service endpoint.

Next steps:

After you’ve connected to the Coinbase Data Marketplace SFTP service, you can download your purchased data sets. Learn more here.

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