Supported Order Qualifiers

Coinbase Derivatives Exchange requires each order entered in the Exchange’s trading system to have an order qualifier. An order eligible to be entered into the Exchange’s trading system that does not contain an order qualifier will be cancelled if not filled during the trading day in which it was received or, if it was received during trading days, during the next trading day. Coinbase Derivatives Exchange supports the following order qualifiers:


Orders entered with a qualifier of DAY will remain in the market for the duration of the session that it is placed in. If a DAY order is not fully executed, any remaining quantity is cancelled at the end of the trading session.

Good Till Cancel (GTC)

Orders entered with a qualifier of GTC will remain in the market until execution, manually cancelled, or the contract expires.

Fill or Kill (FOK)

Orders entered with a qualifier of FOK will either be executed in its entirety or  cancelled.

Immediate or Cancel (IOC)

Orders entered with a qualifier of IOC will attempt to immediately execute any available quantity (or the minimum specified quantity) upon entry and any remaining quantity immediately cancelled.

Good Till Date (GTD)

Orders entered with a qualifier of GTD are active until their specified date.

Post Only

Upon entry, a limit order with a post only qualifier will be posted only if the order does not get an immediate execution.  If the order is eligible for immediate execution, partial or full, the order will be cancelled.

Order Type






Post Only

Market Order (with Protection)

Limit Order

Stop Order (with Protection)

Stop-Limit Order