Developer Platform

Launch a Participate cluster

Participate customers work with one of our Engagement Managers to run a dedicated validator node as part of a cluster. If you’re interested in becoming a customer, please contact us using our Developer Platform interest form. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager.

A cluster is a network-specific node or group of nodes and supporting infrastructure. This blockchain infrastructure often includes load-balancing tools and/or monitoring and alerting services. The additional infrastructure of the cluster is intended to help keep the node secure and accessible.

Before you can launch a cluster, you will often need to claim and stake your tokens. Each protocol uses a different method for this process, and, if the process is completed improperly, your funds can be put at risk. 

Launch a Participate cluster

You can easily spin up a Participate cluster from Coinbase Developer Platform after you’ve become a Participate customer.  You’ll work with your Engagement Manager to establish your limits and the protocols that you plan to stake on.  Once you’ve become a customer and have access to the Participate platform, you and your Engagement Manager can establish limits on your account that allow you to spin up your own cluster.

Follow these steps to spin up your own cluster: 

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase Developer Platform account.

  2. Select Participate on your homepage.

  3. Locate your desired protocol in the list.

  4. If you’ve onboarded to the selected protocol and you have a high enough limit to spin up a new cluster, you’ll be able to select Create at this point.  Select Create and follow the rest of the steps here.

    If you have not yet onboarded to the protocol or if your limit is not high enough to spin up a new cluster, select Request to reach out to your dedicated Engagement Manager. Your Engagement Manager will discuss your options with you and walk you through the rest of the process.

  5. Name your cluster. You may also be asked for a public name.

  6. Choose a provider and region.

  7. Select a network.

  8. Some protocols will have additional steps before launch, such as setting up a validator fee, selecting a node type, entering pool information, or adding a withdraw address. Complete any additional steps.

  9. Select Save & continue.

  10. Review your configuration.

  11. Complete required steps for payment and for reading and agreeing to the Terms of Service.

  12. Select Launch cluster.

Launch more Participate clusters

There are minimum staking requirements for spinning up new validator nodes. If you are interested in launching more Participate clusters, work with your Engagement Manager to get started. If you don’t have enough stake to meet the minimum staking requirements for a dedicated node or if you’d like to stake a smaller amount to a community node, you can check out Coinbase Developer Platform Delegate.