Multiple blockchain network assets on Coinbase Exchange

You can select from multiple blockchain networks when you deposit or withdraw certain assets on Coinbase Exchange. This allows you to take advantage of lower transaction costs and higher transaction speeds that may be offered on different networks.


When you deposit or withdraw assets using multiple blockchain networks, you need to confirm that you're using the correct supported network prior to initiating the transaction. You may permanently lose funds that are deposited or withdrawn to an unsupported network. Coinbase can’t recover these funds.

Please use the following Coinbase Exchange resources to review the list of the assets and their supported networks:

Your funds will automatically be deposited into the same account, regardless of which network they were deposited from. For example, if you deposit ETH from the Polygon network, it will be deposited into your ETH balance. At the time of withdrawal, the asset will be fungible (mutually interchangeable) across all supported blockchains. In this example, you could withdraw ETH to the Ethereum or Polygon network.

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