USD Fedwire Withdrawals

Verifying a Bank Account

Before you can withdraw, you will first need to have successfully verified your bank account on Coinbase Exchange. All verified accounts appear in your banking tab.

To verify an account, you will need to complete a successful Fedwire deposit to your Coinbase account. Please note that you will not need to enter any bank credentials on Coinbase to complete verification.

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Withdrawing with Fedwire

To withdraw via Fedwire:

  1. Select Portfolio in the top right corner

  2. On the right-hand side, select Withdraw > USD > Wire Transfer

  3. Select the receiving bank account under To

  4. Enter the amount you’d like to withdraw

  5. Confirm the amount and select Withdraw USD


There is a $25 withdrawal fee for Fedwire.


Withdrawals typically take 1-3 business days to complete. 

If funds are not received after 3 business days or you are having trouble verifying your account, please contact Coinbase support.

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