Funds Settlement

How to locate your deposit address

To locate your deposit address on

  1. Sign-in to

  2. Select Send/Receive.

  3. Select the Receive toggle.

  4. Select USDC.

  5. The deposit address will be listed below.

To locate your deposit address on Coinbase Wallet:

  1. Open Coinbase Wallet.

  2. Select Receive.

  3. The listed “Ethereum address” is your deposit address.

Adding your deposit address

After you have signed-up for your Coinbase Commerce account, the first step to accept crypto payments is adding your deposit address. This address will receive funds from all customer payments and can either be a self-custody wallet address (like Coinbase Wallet), or your wallet address on your preferred exchange.

To add your deposit address:

  1. Navigate to Settings, and then Deposits.

  2. Enter your deposit address in the provided field. Note this address will start with “0x”.

If you don’t have a deposit address, you can follow the prompt on the Deposits page to create a Coinbase Wallet (desktop extension or mobile wallet). 

How do I change my deposit address?

To change your deposit address:

  1. Navigate to Settings, and then Deposits.

  2. Click Change next to your current wallet address.

  3. Enter and confirm your new wallet address.

  4. To finalize the change, verify using your 2FA device.

Why can’t I add my wallet address?

If you can’t add your wallet address, the most likely explanation is that you entered an address not formatted correctly. All Ethereum wallet addresses begin with “0x” and are 42 characters long. 

Additionally, if you didn’t enter your wallet address in a timely manner the page will time out, and any changes won’t be saved.

What if there was an unauthorized change to my deposit address?

If there was an unauthorized change to your deposit address, this means that it is possible that an attacker has access to your 2FA authentication method (SMS or authenticator app). 

Please contact our Commerce Support team if your deposit address has any unauthorized changes, as we will lock your account and prevent charges from being created. You can contact us here.

If using for funds settlement: 

The authentication method for changing your Commerce deposit address is the same as the authentication method for your underlying account. If an attacker made changes to your deposit address on Commerce, most likely they also have access to your account.

To lock your account, please navigate to:

Why can’t I view payments from certain networks?

If using a third party wallet for funds settlement:

You may need to add the respective network to your wallet in order to view your balance/payments on that network. 

For example, if your third party wallet doesn’t automatically have Base added as a network, you can follow these instructions to add Base to your wallet:

If using for funds settlement: 

Cryptocurrency payments sent to your deposit address will be aggregated together. For example if you receive 100 USDC on Ethereum and 100 USDC on Polygon - this will be reflected in your USDC balance as 200 USDC.