Coinbase International Exchange

Application and Qualification FAQ

To trade perpetual futures contracts, you must meet certain regulatory and jurisdictional requirements. You must be a non-US institution whose foreign entity has a country of incorporation and principal place of operations outside of the US, and be in an eligible country. 

For your application to be processed, please ensure:

  • Your information is complete and accurate

  • Your business entity fulfills the ex-US eligibility requirements 

Note that more than three application attempts in one day will lead to a cool down period of seven days before you’re allowed to reapply.

Yes, but note that more than three application attempts in one day will lead to a cool down period of seven days. If you believe there is an error in your rejection, please contact us

Yes. Coinbase International Exchange is only available for non-US institutions who meet all of the following qualifications:

  1. Neither the entity nor a guarantor of your entity: 

(1) are organized, incorporated, or established under US law

(2) are physically located in the US, or

(3) have your principal place of business (e.g., your fund managers) in the US,
and your entity is not trading on behalf of any such entity.

  1. The entity is not majority owned by, controlled by, or controlling, a US entity organized, incorporated or established under US law or having its principal place of business in the United States, AND

    1. is not engaging in transactions for the purpose of hedging or mitigating risks faced by, or taking positions on behalf of, any US affiliate, OR

    2. Does not have a U.S. parent with $50 billion of consolidated assets, in cases where the applicant entity represents (1) 5% or more of the U.S. parent’s consolidated equity capital, (2) 10% or more of the US parent’s total consolidated revenue, or (3) 10% or more of the U.S. parent’s total consolidated assets.

  1. The entity will not allow people to access the platform or otherwise be involved in trading on the platform when physically located in the US.

Connectivity originating from non-eligible jurisdictions will be blocked, including connections behind a VPN.