Coinbase International Exchange

Address book and crypto withdrawal address allowlisting

Address Book on Coinbase International Exchange

The Address Book feature allows users to add and store any number of crypto addresses, making it easier and safer to send crypto to those crypto addresses you know and trust.

Key Features

  • Add crypto addresses for any cryptocurrency supported on the exchange

  • Assign a nickname to each address for easy identification

For information on how Address Book works on Coinbase International Exchange visit our help page.

Address Book Whitelisting on Coinbase International Exchange

Whitelisting is an optional security feature that allows crypto withdrawals to only be sent to verified addresses stored in the Address Book.

Whitelisting allows users to safely withdraw cryptocurrency by only sending to trusted addresses they have previously added. It helps prevent sending to incorrect or malicious addresses.

How it Works

  • Allowlisting can be enabled or disabled within the Accounts tab

  • When enabled, crypto can only be withdrawn to addresses saved in the Address Book

  • Users can continue adding new addresses, which require a 24-hour activation period for verification

  • 2-factor authentication is required to turn Allowlisting “on” or “off”

For information on how Whitelisting works on Coinbase International Exchange visit our help page.

Activation Period

The 24-hour activation period exists for security purposes when making changes to the whitelisting settings or activating new addresses added to the Address Book.