Coinbase International Exchange

International Exchange Jumpstart Program

The Jumpstart Program is designed to benefit both new and existing clients of Coinbase International Exchange. It enables clients to utilize their trading volumes from other exchanges to meet the requirements for our liquidity program. Here's how it works:


To be eligible for the Jumpstart Program, clients must provide proof of their trading volumes. This can be in the form of an exchange balance statement, showcasing their trading activity over the last 30 days (referred to as L30D volumes) within the previous 90 days.


If a client's cumulative trading volume across various crypto exchanges meets the eligibility criteria for any of the tiers within our liquidity program, they become eligible for that tier in our liquidity program for a period of two calendar months. Separate jumpstarts must be requested for Perpetuals and Spot.

Requesting Jumpstart:

Clients interested in utilizing the Jumpstart Program must submit their request to before the first day of the month in which they intend to apply the program.