Coinbase International Exchange

Off-Chain Transfers via Counterparty

Coinbase International Exchange users can transfer their assets to Coinbase Exchange accounts through the Transfer via Counterparty process. The transfer process is powered by off-chain transfer functionality unique to Coinbase.

This article provides step-by-step directions on how to ‘Transfer via Counterparty’ in order to seamlessly move assets from your International Exchange account to a different account. 

Getting Started

In order to complete a Transfer via Counterparty process, you will need to locate your Counterparty ID.  

Deposit to Coinbase International Exchange via Counterparty

To receive a deposit into your Coinbase International Exchange portfolio using Counterparty process, you must locate your unique Counterparty ID for your desired portfolio:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Tab on Coinbase International Exchange

  2. Select the Portfolio you want the Counterparty ID from 

  3. On the right hand side of the screen you will see the Counterparty ID. The Counterparty ID is a unique identifier that defines the destination address. We recommend copying your Counterparty ID to save for reference.  

Your Counterparty ID is specific to your Portfolio. You can use this unique Counterparty ID across any Asset in your portfolio. 

Withdraw from Coinbase International Exchange via Counterparty

In order to initiate a withdrawal from your Coinbase International Exchange portfolio, you need the destination Counterparty ID. When you have the destination counterparty ID, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Portfolio Tab on Coinbase International Exchange

  2. Select the Portfolio you want to withdraw from

  3. Select Withdraw 

  4. On the Withdraw modal, select the Counterparty option

  5. Click on the asset you want to withdraw

  6. On the next screen, paste in the Counterparty ID and the amount you’d like to withdraw to.

    1. If the portfolio has Trusted Address Protection enabled, the Counterparty ID will have to be whitelisted first so it shows up in the dropdown. 


  • What is an off-chain transfer?

    • Off-chain sends using the Transfer via Counterparty method allow you to transfer funds directly to other Coinbase Institutional accounts without a blockchain movement. 

  • Will I need a different Counterparty IDs for each asset I want to transfer?

    • No. Counterparty IDs are specific to your Portfolio, not to the crypto asset you select. If you have multiple Portfolios under your Entity, you will also have a different Counterparty ID for each one. 

  • Is there a limit on how much crypto I can transfer?

    • No. There is no limit on the amount of crypto you can transfer via counterparty.

  • Can I transfer fiat via the counterparty process?

    • No. You cannot transfer fiat, you can only transfer crypto assets. 

  • Are the transfers subject to delays depending on the type of crypto?

    • No. The transfers are instantaneous and do not depend on the type of crypto.

  • Can I transfer to another International Exchange account?

    • No, you can only transfer to and from Coinbase Exchange accounts. 

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