Coinbase NFT

Minting NFTs overview

Coinbase NFT now allows you to mint NFTs that can be stored in your wallet or listed for sale.

What is Minting on Coinbase NFT?

Minting is the process of issuing a new NFT on the blockchain, which can be attached to a piece of art, a recording, or some other asset. When an NFT is minted it is automatically assigned a unique token ID and stored in the wallet of the user who minted it.

Coinbase NFT now offers the ability for creators and collectors to mint NFTs using the platform.

What is the difference between primary sale vs. minting?

A primary sale is when the owner of an NFT that has been minted on-chain offers that NFT for sale on a Marketplace, while minting involves creating a new NFT on the blockchain using a token contract.  Collectors who mint NFTs often don't know what style or attributes their token will have, as they have not yet been created and minted on-chain. 

With a primary sale, the NFT has already been minted, and while the attributes of the token might not yet be revealed, you can still choose which token to buy based on its token ID or other revealed traits.