Coinbase NFT

My NFT isn’t showing on my profile

Though rare, the NFT you are attempting to view may not be loading for several reasons:

  • The NFT is located on an unsupported chain (e.g. Polygon, Solana, etc).

  • The blockchain is still at work updating NFT ownership.

  • You NFT was Lazy Minted

    • This means that instead of your NFT existing on-chain, only a cryptographic signature containing the metadata of your NFT is created. The token and media file will only minted on-chain once the NFT is bought or sold.

    • This is normally done to prevent creators from incurring an upfront gas fee when they launch an NFT project.

    • You should contact the creator of the NFT for more information about your particular NFTs format.

  • Your NFT is hidden

  • Your NFT is based on an unsupported format.

  • Your content has been taken down

    • While your content may no longer be visible on the Coinbase NFT platform, you still have ownership of the NFT and can transfer it to another wallet or platform.

    • For information about why your content may have been taken down, please view this help article.

If you believe that the issue is not due to one of the reasons above, you can always report an issue through our support form.