Audits on Coinbase Prime

Clients and Auditors may require Prime Account Audits to be performed directly by members of our Prime Operations team. Please see below for how details on how to initiate these Audit requests, and what to expect. 

How to request an Audit from Prime Operations directly:

  1. Email with the subject: “Audit Request - (entity name)

  2. Include any audit letters as attachments

  3. CC (copy) active Prime account users who can authorize the audit

What to expect?

After verifying the authenticity of each request, Prime Operations agents will action and respond, and will note audit details in a signed copy of the provided audit letter. 

In the absence of an audit letter, agents will provide the most recent copy of a comprehensive Statement and/or Balance Statement for the desired date range. 

(Note: a signed Cover letter can also be provided upon request)