Coinbase Prime API Overview

Where can I find documentation for the Coinbase Prime API?

Please visit the following pages for Coinbase Prime API documentation:

Where will the Coinbase Prime data centers be physically hosted? 

For security reasons, we cannot disclose the locations of our data centers. However, Coinbase Prime generally relies on infrastructure located in the continental United States.

Will each Coinbase Prime API key have its own permission? 

Yes, each API key has its own permission.

Can Coinbase Prime API keys be edited after they are created?

No, API keys cannot be edited after they are created.

If I am migrating from Coinbase Custody to Coinbase Prime, will the Coinbase Prime API have the same features as the Coinbase Custody API?

Yes, the features from the Coinbase Custody API are available in the new Coinbase Prime API.

What permissions settings are available for the Coinbase Prime API keys?

The Coinbase Prime API keys include three levels of permissions: 

  • Read only

  • Read and Trade

  • Read, Trade, and Transfer

Do the API rate limits posted in Coinbase Exchange carry over to the Coinbase Prime APIs?

Yes, the API rate limits posted in Exchange carry over to the Prime APIs.