Differences between an organization, entity, and portfolio on Coinbase Prime

Your account is made up of three components: your Organization, Entity, and Portfolio.

When you apply for a Coinbase Prime account, your legal entity (also known as an Investment Vehicle) will be associated with your organization. You can apply for and have multiple investment vehicles under the same organization within Prime. This is common when you have multiple business entities and/or you’d like to contract with multiple Coinbase entities.

Portfolios are associated with a single investment vehicle. Each investment vehicle has a default portfolio. You can also create additional portfolios after onboarding. Portfolios have their own trading balance, vault balance, and user roles.

Note: Our team will link additional entities to your organization during the application process.

Review the bullet points below for additional details on the differences between an organization, entity, and portfolio.

  • Organization

    • Top account level

    • Defined as the parent of each legal entity (IV)

    • It’s not documented as an investment advisor or any type of legal entity

  • Entity

    • Investment vehicle

    • Contracting entity with Coinbase

    • Clients can have multiple entities under one organization

  • Portfolio

    • Pool of assets

    • Contains trading and vault balances

    • Clients can have multiple portfolios under one entity