Celestia (TIA) staking guide on Coinbase Prime

Ability to stake when using the following entity:

  • Coinbase Custody Trust Company, LLC: Yes

  • Coinbase Custody International, Ltd.: Yes

  • Coinbase Germany Inc: Yes

Validator types that you can use to stake asset on Coinbase Prime:

  • Coinbase Developer Platform public validator: Yes

  • Coinbase Developer Platform dedicated validator: Yes

  • Delegation minimum requirement (Prime UI Min.): - None

Staking maximum: None

  • Estimated rewards rate: visit for current estimated reward rates

  • Estimated reward payout:  - Distributed every Epoch (every 24 hours) - rewards may not settle in specified account for an additional duration depending on network conditions and batching of rewards

  • Delegator reward compound: 

    • Manual: Rewards earned must be manually re-staked (without un-staking existing funds)

  • Minimum claimable amount: You cannot claim rewards if your pending rewards are less than 5 TIA

*Third-party website provided for information only. Coinbase has not verified and does not guarantee the accuracy of information, including minimum requirements, staking maximums, and reward rates.

To claim pending TIA rewards, please follow these steps within the Prime UI:

  1. Select the three vertical dots on the right hand side of the TIA staked wallet to view the “Claim Rewards” option.

  2. Once the “Claim Rewards” option is selected, the “Confirm your claim” page will populate.

  3. On this page, you can select “Claim” in the bottom right hand corner to claim the pending TIA staking rewards.

    1. This action will require you to verify your identity with your Yubikey and then reach consensus prior to being processed.

  4. Once the transaction has been completed and the pending rewards have been claimed, the amount will be displayed as withdrawable in the same staked wallet.

  • Warm up period: None

  • Unbonding period: 21 days

Staking Functionality:

  • Ability to un-stake assets: Yes

  • Ability to partially unstake wallet:  No

  • Ability to partially stake wallet:  No

  • Ability to change validator without un-bonding and restaking: Yes

  • Changing validators would also claim rewards : this will result in a reward transaction which will make rewards withdrawable.

  • Ability to add new principal funds to a staked wallet: 

    • Move or unstake: Net new principal funds added to a staked wallet can’t be staked unless you unstake the staked balance and then restake the new balance. You won’t generate rewards when you unstake assets due to the unbonding period. You can create a new wallet to stake new funds instead of adding them to an existing staked wallet to continue generating rewards.

Ability to stake to multiple validator addresses from the same wallet: No

Fees charged when using the following validator types:

  • Coinbase Developer Platform public validator: Please refer to our Coinbase Developer Platform Web Page for more information.

  • Coinbase Developer Platform dedicated validator: Subscription, participatory, and service fee vary. Reach out to your Account Manager or Prime Operations team for more information.

  • Consensus requirements: General consensus approvals required for all staking activities.