Add a New Web3 Signer


To complete this you must have: 

  • A Web3 wallet with an existing Web3 signer with a valid Web3 key shard.

  • New Web3 signer needs to have:

    • access to Prime with a registered mobile Yubikey,

    • a mobile phone with the Prime Approvals mobile app installed.

    • biometrics must be enabled on your mobile device.

Web3 signers will hold a shard of the Web3 wallet’s key on their mobile device. They will use this to sign transactions after they reach consensus and can clone their shard for new Web3 Signers. 

Web3 Signer is an added permission on top of a designated user role, and only Administrators, Authorized Signatories, Approvers and Full Traders can have this access. 

The steps below outline how to add additional Web3 Signers to your portfolio.

Administrator: Add the Web3 Signer permission for new signers 

  1. Log into Prime on your desktop/web browser.

  2. Open Settings by clicking the gear icon.

  3. Navigate to the Web3 Settings by clicking the Web3 planet icon.

  4. Click Add Web3 Signer.

  5. Designate the chosen user to have Web3 signer permissions.

    • The user must be a Authorized Signatory, Approver, Admin or Full Trader

  6.  Approve this request through consensus.

New Web3 Signers & Device Recovery User: start the Enroll Device Request process

  1. In the Prime mobile app navigate to the Tasks tab.

  2. Open the Web 3 Signer Device Enrollment activity.

  3. Click Complete Web3 Device Enrollment and Continue.

  4. Enable biometrics (Face ID). Note that biometrics must be enabled on the iphone to complete this step, which can be changed in your iphone Settings > Face ID & Passcode.

  5. Click Done.

  6. Click Request in the Request Access to the Web3 Private Key window.

Existing Web3 Signer: approve the Enroll Device Request

  1. In the Prime mobile app navigate to the Tasks tab.

  2. Open the Web3 Signer Device Enrollment activity. 

  3. Click Review Request and review the details.

  4. Click Approve & Sign and verify with Face ID to approve the new device.

New Web3 Signer & Device Recovery User: Open the app and approve Web3 activity

  1. In the Prime mobile app navigate to the Tasks tab.

  2. Accept the Web3 activity.

  3. Once accepted, the new Web3 Signer’s device will be enrolled and they can sign transactions.

After completing the device enrollment, the device will now hold a valid shard of the web3 key.