Coinbase Pro

Pro mobile app overview

Once logged in to your Coinbase Pro account on the app, you will find the Market Selector PagePortfolio PageOrders Page, and Profile Page

  • From the Market Selector Page, you can:

    • Select different markets

    • View charts, orders, and trade history  

    • Place orders

  • From the Portfolio Page, you can:

    • ​View your wallets, where you can find instructions to deposit or withdraw 

    • See your portfolio overview, including available balance and owned cryptos

  • From the Orders Page, you can:

    • See filled and open orders

  • From the Profile Page, you can:

    • Manage linked accounts and account settings information  

The following features are currently unsupported on the mobile app and can be found on the Coinbase Pro website:

  • Signing up for a new Coinbase Pro account (a browser will open for registration)

  • Managing address book and whitelisting

  • Seeing the transaction hash for a crypto transfer

  • Directly converting USD to USDC. See USD Coin (USDC) FAQ

  • Placing a Stop Limit Order

  • Downloading reports

  • Zooming in/out on charts

  • Accessing advanced charting tools like moving averages and exponential moving average. See the overlay dropdown on the Pro website

  • Seeing more than 30 filled orders. The app shows up to 30 filled orders on the Trade Page (accessible from the Market Selector Page). The app will show as many open orders as you have

  • Seeing more than 30 transactions for a given wallet. The app shows up to 30 Transactions in a given wallet (accessible from the Portfolio Page)

How do I manage my login on the app?

After logging in to the app for the first time, you can choose whether to enable a PIN for login, or to additionally enable Face ID or Touch ID (whichever your phone supports). With a PIN, Face ID or Touch ID enabled, you can close and reopen the app without needing to provide your password, but your Coinbase account will still be secure. You can log out at any time from your Profile Page

You can manage these settings from the Security page in your Account Settings.

How do I manage my notifications?The app does not currently support push notifications.