Coinbase Pro


How can I pull historic rates using our API?

You can find instructions on how to pull historic rates for a product (ex. ETH-USD) in our API documentation. Please note that historical rates should not be polled frequently. If you need real-time information, use the trade and book endpoints along with the websocket feed.

What are the rate limits for Coinbase Pro API?


For Public Endpoints, our rate limit is 3 requests per second, up to 6 requests per second in bursts. For Private Endpoints, our rate limit is 5 requests per second, up to 10 requests per second in bursts.


The FIX API rate limit is 50 messages per second. More information about our rate limits can be found here

Where is my API Key/Secret located?

Your API Key can be found in the API Settings page.

Your API Secret was only shown once when you first created the API Key. Unfortunately, if you have lost the Secret, we will not be able to retrieve it. You will need to delete this Key and generate a new API Key/Secret. 

Where are our servers located? Where should I locate my server for minimum API latency?

The primary data sources and servers for Coinbase are run in the Amazon US East data center.

How can I troubleshoot error messages?

Please refer to this guide to troubleshoot error messages.

What are the official client libraries?

We have three official client libraries: Node.js, GDAX Trading Library, and Ruby. Please keep in mind that these libraries are not actively maintained and support for troubleshooting is limited.