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Is a 2-step verification code required for every login?

2-step verification is an additional layer of security that helps protect your Coinbase account from unauthorized access. In fact, we so strongly believe in the use of 2-step verification, that we require all Coinbase accounts to have at least text message based 2-step verification enabled. However, for enhanced account security, we highly recommend for all customers to utilize Authenticator or U2F based 2-step verification. You can upgrade your account’s 2-step verification method by accessing your account’s security settings here.

When signing into your Coinbase account, you will always be prompted to enter the additional 2-step verification code unless you’ve previously selected the option that says “Don’t ask me for the code again for 30 days when I use this computer.”


If you set this option and later decide that you'd like your logins to require a 2-factor code every time, you can clear your browser cookies and cache to re-enable the 2-factor code prompt.