Coinbase Wallet

Send and receive crypto


  • Coinbase Wallet extension users who haven’t updated to the latest version will not be able to receive Solana with their Coinbase Wallet username

  • If you’re sending SOL or an SPL token to a wallet that has not previously held these assets, then you will pay an account creation fee

    • The account creation fee is a small amount of SOL when an address receives a token it’s never held before

Send crypto

  1. Click Send on the home screen.

  2. Choose the asset from the drop-down menu.

  3. Enter the amount you would like to send.

  4. Enter the address or username you would like to send crypto to. 

  5. Make sure the transaction details look correct, then click Send to complete the transaction.

Receive crypto

  1. Click  Show Wallet Address on the home screen.

  2. Click Copy address to copy your address to your clipboard or Show QR code to reveal your unique QR code with your crypto address.