Coinbase Wallet

Sell or cash out crypto from your wallet to your Coinbase account

Before you begin: Make sure your wallet is connected to your Coinbase account.
Note: Cashing out is currently only supported for USDC. We’ll add support for other assets in the future.

US customers can sell crypto from their wallet to their local currency balance on Coinbase, or cash out crypto from their wallet to their linked bank account on Coinbase. Here are the steps: 

  1. On the Assets tab inside Coinbase Wallet, tap Cashout.

  2. From the Sell for USD prompt, select the asset you’d like to sell or cash out.

    • If you’re holding the asset on multiple networks, choose the one you’d like to sell.

  3. Enter the amount.

  4. From the Deposit to prompt, select the destination for the funds (either your local currency balance or your bank account).

  5. Select Continue and review the details, then select Confirm to initiate the transaction.

Note: For a cash out, your Coinbase account will show two transactions: the incoming transaction from your wallet and the subsequent outgoing transaction to your bank account. For a sell to your local currency balance, your Coinbase account will show an incoming transaction crediting your cash balance.