Coinbase Wallet

Tax reporting

How can I export my public wallet addresses and xPubs for tax reporting?

  • Click on Settings → Export public addresses

  • Click on Copy. This will copy your public wallet address (for blockchains like Ethereum, Solana) and xPub (for blockchains like Bitcoin)

  • You can visit a crypto-friendly tax software (like CoinTracker) and paste the above information to seamlessly export your Coinbase Wallet transactions to the tax software

Note: Users with transactions on XRP, XLM, ETC, or BTH (or other unsupported networks) will need to export their 2022 transactions through another crypto wallet provider. 

What is my public wallet address?

A wallet address is a string of letters and numbers from which cryptocurrencies or NFTs can be sent to and from.

What is my xPub Key?

An Extended Public (xPub) Key is a part of certain blockchain standards. For example Bitcoin (BTC) and many other chains use extended public keys. You can find more information here.

Is it safe to share my wallet address and xPubs?

Sharing this info does NOT allow receiver access to your crypto or NFTs. Instead, it lets them see all your on-chain activity, which is useful for tax reporting. 

Note that all blockchain data is public. Therefore, anyone can track the activity associated with a wallet address or xPub. However, the receiver will be able to connect the public blockchain data to you if you share this information with them. Therefore, for privacy reasons, you should only share your public address and xPubs with services you trust. This info reveals all of your past (and future) transactions so we don’t recommend posting it publicly.

What benefits do I get if I use CoinTracker for crypto tax reporting?

Coinbase Wallet users who choose to use Cointracker for crypto tax reporting will receive the  following benefits:

  • Free tax reporting on up to  100 Coinbase Wallet  transactions (only valid for new CoinTrackers users).

  • 30-day free trial of the CoinTracker Pro Portfolio Plan (only valid for new CoinTrackers users)

  • 10% discount on CoinTracker paid tax plans if you have more than 100 Coinbase  Wallet transactions (valid for new and returning CoinTracker users)

Note: The CoinTracker promotion  is only available to Coinbase Wallet users based in the United States.

If you have a account then you can also import your transactions into CoinTracker. Learn more here.