Coinbase Wallet

Coinbase Wallet messaging

Please ensure that you only interact with people you know and never give out your seed phrase or private key to anyone. Coinbase will never ask you for these things.

Coinbase Wallet messaging lets you send messages from within the app to other wallet addresses and ENS identities that are also part of the XMTP network. In the future, you will also be able to transfer crypto from directly inside a message thread, exchange offers on NFTs, and more. 

Messaging is enabled by XMTP, an onchain messaging network designed to deliver fully encrypted messages between wallet addresses. It is run by XMTP Labs and will be decentralized in the future. Your usage is governed by the XMTP Terms of Service and Privacy Policy (learn more about XMTP)

Connecting to the XMTP network 

Users will see an inbox icon on the top right of their home screen on the Coinbase Wallet app. Tap the icon to begin the process of enabling XMTP messaging. 

Messaging on Coinbase Wallet

If you’re an existing XMTP user, owners of all wallet addresses you’ve interacted with in the past will be able to message you in Coinbase Wallet with no additional work required on your part. You’ll also be able to see your previous XMTP message history. 

Owners of wallet addresses that you’ve never interacted with will be able to send you a message, but you’ll need to approve each new user before you can message them. This is to prevent spammers from targeting you with unwanted or malicious messages. 

For users who are active on the Lens network, messages from people you already follow on Lens will get delivered to your inbox in the Coinbase Wallet app without needing additional approval. You will be able to block any message thread at any time, regardless of previous approvals or interactions. 

Message location

Find your messages by tapping the Inbox icon on the top right of your home screen on your Coinbase Wallet app. 

  • Messages: All messages from wallets that you've interacted with will populate in your main messages screen. 

  • Message Requests: Messages from wallets that you haven't interacted with will appear as a message request. You can either accept the message or block the sender. 

Message privacy

All messages sent over XMTP are end-to-end encrypted and no one outside of the message thread, including Coinbase, will be able to see your messages. Messages can only be decrypted via participants’ private keys, and Coinbase does not have access to these keys. You are in full control. 

Switching from Coinbase Wallet to another wallet

If you want to switch to another wallet, you can take your messages with you because you own them fully, just like all other assets that you hold in Coinbase Wallet. Unlike other messaging services today, XMTP messages are fully interoperable with any messaging product that supports the XMTP network (similar to email where you can move your inbox from Gmail to Apple Mail to Microsoft Outlook, etc).