Moving unsupported assets

If you have assets on networks that were previously supported by Coinbase Wallet (BCH, ETC, XLM, XRP), you will no longer be able to see or transact with those assets.

To view your assets you can:

  1. Import your recovery phrase on another self-custody wallet that supports the network you wish to use. 

    • Note: Please do your own research when importing your assets to a new wallet to ensure it is trustworthy.

  2. Send your assets to Coinbase Exchange

    • Note: Please double check that BCH, ETC, XLM and XRP are still supported on Coinbase Exchange before sending those assets to your account address. You will also need to pay a network fee for these transactions.

Note: For more information on where your assets are supported, please visit the official asset webpages below:

What happens to my assets if I don’t move them from my Coinbase Wallet?

Your assets still belong to you. However you will not be able to see or transact with them using your wallet address on Coinbase Wallet. You can use another self-custody wallet that supports these networks to access your assets.

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