Coinbase Wallet

What's a dapp?

Dapps are created by a third party and not owned by Coinbase. You’ll need to contact the dapp developer for specific questions or issues with Dapps.

Dapp is the commonly used abbreviation referring to decentralized apps. Dapps are conceptually the same as apps or games you might use on your computer or phone. The key difference is that dapps are built on and powered by decentralized protocols such as Ethereum. An example of a popular dapp is CryptoKitties.

Using dapps in Coinbase Wallet


You can explore dapps by tapping  web3 browser tab at the bottom of your screen. If you wish to use a dapp that you do not see in the gallery, you can also manually enter the address or url for any dapp.


While we do not curate a gallery of dapps on iOS, you can still manually enter the address or url for any dapp that you wish to use.

You can also bookmark dapps for easy access in the future. To bookmark and save dapps through Wallet on iOS: Go to the dapp you wish to use by typing in the url in the web3 browser’s address field. Next, tap the menu at the top right > Add to Bookmarks. Then, you'll see a permanent bookmark on the web3 browser’s home screen.

You can now use most dapps on web browsers (like Chrome, Safari, Brave, etc.) by linking your Wallet app to the dapp. If you are on a dapp that requires a wallet to proceed, look for the option to Connect Coinbase Wallet. When you select that option, you will be presented with a QR code. Scan that QR code by tapping the  QR scanner in the Wallet app. Your Wallet will now be connected to the dapp and you can continue to use the dapp in your desktop browser.

If you do not see an option to Connect Coinbase Wallet, please let the creator of the dapp know that you would like to use Coinbase Wallet on their platform.

The Coinbase Wallet extension allows you to explore dapps, trade on decentralized exchanges, collect NFTs, and more from your web browser without needing to confirm transactions from your mobile device. Learn more about how to set up and add funds to the browser extension.