Can't sign in to your account

If you’re unable to sign in to your account, you may be able to take a few steps to solve the issue on your own. 

Review the table below to find the solution that best fits your scenario.

You can’t sign in because…

Your solution

Your account has been compromised

Lock your account to prevent further activity.

You forgot your password

Reset your password even if you don’t have access to your related email.

You don’t have access to your email address

Access your account settings in order to update your email address.

You must still have access to your 2-step verification method.

You're waiting for your identity verification to be approved

Review ID verification details that may be delaying the approval of your documents.

You're having trouble using your 2-step verification method

Use 2-step verification troubleshooting guidance to work through issues with your phone, authenticator app, receiving verification codes, security key and Passkey.

You don’t have access to the tool you use for 2-step verification

Reverify your identity and update your 2-step verification method.

Start the process by entering your email address and password on the Coinbase sign-in page.

You don’t have access to your email, password and the tool you use for 2-step verification

Even though you can’t sign in, you can still contact Support.

Provide an alternative email address that you have access to so our team can contact you.

You locked your account

Unlock your account and make it more secure.

Your account is temporarily restricted

Learn why your account may be temporarily inaccessible and possible solutions.

You need to claim an account that belongs to someone who is deceased

Gain access to a deceased member’s account by working with our Support team.

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