Business onboarding

Troubleshoot application submission failure

In case you are facing issues submitting your institutional application due to technical reasons, see the following tips:

  • Invite code:

    • Please ensure that your invite code is accurate and you're using the email associated with the invite code. 

    • Note: Invite code is provided by a salesperson OR account manager, if you have not been liaising with one, you will not have this code. This information is optional; please skip it if you don’t have it.

  • Business Application status:

    • You may login to your business application to check the current status. If it is in ‘New’ or ‘In progress’ status, your application is incomplete. You may click into the application and complete it before submission.

  • If you are unable to save / proceed on the application page

    1. This may be due to fields filled in invalid formats. Common invalid format fields are address and or ID / Tax number fields. Please complete those fields manually and avoid any auto fill. 

    2. Missing fields may cause your application to be declined or remain in the ‘In progress’ status. Ensure you’ve provided all the required details & fields in the application

    3. If you are on the main page of the application but unable to proceed: Please ensure you’ve completed filling in the top section (Business profile) as highlighted in red first before proceeding to sections like ‘Operations’, ‘Required Documents’, ‘Management’ & 'Product Settings'.

  • For document upload issues, please note:

    • Document should be a true copy (PDF format preferred), clear quality, and  smaller than 4MB. 

    • Please clear your browser’s cache & cookies and restart your browser before trying again.