Business onboarding

Request and register a YubiKey on Coinbase Prime


You and your designated teammates are required to use a YubiKey (or other physical security key) to secure your Coinbase Prime account.

YubiKey is the most secure 2-step verification method as this requires an attacker to gain physical possession of your security key to access your digital information.  You need it to sign in to your Prime account, sign in to the Coinbase Prime approvals mobile app, and initiate and approve activities on Prime, such as withdrawals, transfers, update settings and user permissions

Review the sections and video below to learn how to request and register a YubiKey on Coinbase Prime.

During the business application process, you can request to have a YubiKey sent to you and your teammates. You’ll need the following information:

You'll receive your YubiKey shortly after you're approved for Coinbase Prime. If you need a new key any time after the business application process, reach out to your Account Manager or the Prime Operations team. You can also use your own existing YubiKey or a different brand of physical security key.

  1. Sign in to Coinbase 

  2. Enter your 2-step verification code and click Verify

  3. On the left side of the page, select Security.

  4. Under 2-step verification, click Security key and set it as your default 2FA using your YubiKey

    1. Note: your YubiKey needs to be inserted into your USB-port. You'll see on-screen instructions to enroll the key. If you experience any issues enrolling, review the troubleshooting guide.

  5. Once your YubiKey is registered, sign in to Coinbase Prime

    1. Note: Once your security key has been enrolled you can log in to Prime directly from