Wrap or unwrap your staked ETH

Coinbase Wrapped Staked ETH (cbETH) represents your staked Ethereum (ETH) in a tradable form. You can unwrap cbETH at any time.

cbETH provides flexibility to sell, transfer, or use it. You can move cbETH to a personal wallet and trade it outside the Coinbase platform.

Before you move on:

  • (Wrap) Your staked ETH balance will decrease when you wrap it for cbETH

  • (Wrap) Your cbETH balance is visible on the cbETH asset page

  • (Unwrap) You can unwrap your cbETH and receive the underlying staked ETH

  • (Unwrap) The amount of staked ETH you’ll receive is equal to the amount of cbETH multiplied by the conversion rate

To wrap or unwrap your staked ETH:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase.com account or access the mobile app.

  2. Select My assets.

  3. Select your Ethereum balance.

  4. Select your Ethereum Earning…APY balance.

  5. Select See options and choose one of the following Wrap staked ETH for cbETH or Unwrap cbETH for staked ETH.

  6. Enter the amount and select Preview.

  7. Review your order and select Accept…now.

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