Coinbase Bundles FAQ

What is a bundle?

Bundles allow you to purchase multiple crypto assets in one transaction. It's a group of assets that help you create a diversified portfolio. You can even customize the assets and allocation in your bundle.

How do bundles work?

The assets and allocations within each bundle are based on market performance and asset characteristics, but you also have the ability to customize the bundle based on your preferences. Buying a bundle is a one time purchase and does not change over time.

How do I buy a bundle?

There are several different bundles to pick from and you can even customize a bundle by adding or removing assets you want as well. 

Once you have selected the bundle you wish to purchase:

  1. Select the Continue to Buy option.

  2. Enter a purchase amount.

  3. Confirm the trade.

Are bundles actively managed?

No, bundles are not actively managed. Buying a bundle allows you to buy multiple assets in one transaction. The assets within each bundle are based on market performance or asset characteristics as described in each bundle. Once purchased, you own all assets as if you bought them individually.

Are there fees for buying a bundle?

Our standard apply, but there are no additional fees for purchasing a bundle. You can view the fees for your purchase in the trade preview screen.