What is 2-step verification?

You'll need the mobile device and phone number associated with your Coinbase account in hand in order to successfully complete 2-step verification.

What is 2-step verification?

Coinbase offers 2-step verification, known also as 2-factor (2FA) or multifactor authentication, as an added security layer in addition to your username and password.

With 2-step verification enabled on your account, you'll need to provide a unique verification code sent to your phone in addition to your username and password.

Some events that can trigger 2-step verification

  • Signin attempt from an unrecognized device
  • Signin attempt from a unrecognized phone number
  • Sending crytpo out of your Coinbase account

Note: Coinbase no longer supports Authy. Scroll down to the Authy section for further info.

Learn how to troubleshoot 2-step verification issues.

Security Key - Most secure

This is the most secure 2-step verification method as this requires posession of a physical device; an attacker would have to gain physical access to your 2-step verification key and access to your digital information. 

Coinbase supports all WebAuthN / Fido2 standard security keys. An option for a security key is Yubico's yubikey. Learn how to use a security key by visiting our help article Using and Managing Security Keys

Duo and Google Authenticator (TOTP) - Secure

These are apps that generate a one-time code based on both of these factors: 1) the current date and time on your phone and 2) a secret key known only to you and Coinbase.

Coinbase shows you a QR code, which represents the secret key, which you'll then need to scan using an Authenticator app on your phone.

You can download Google Authenticator or Duo from the app store. 

SMS/Text - Least secure

SMS/Text is a phone app authentication or text-based authentication. Since SMS is linked to a phone number, it can leave you susceptible to phone number porting attacks. These types of attacks involve an attacker transferring or "porting" a victim's phone number to a device the attacker controls, effectively taking over the number and associated 2-step verification codes.

Authy (TOTP) - Not Supported

Authy is no longer supported on Coinbase, but these steps will help you disable Authy and add a new authenticator. 

Steps for disabling Authy (you will need to verify your identity):

1. Sign in at https://www.coinbase.com/ using your email address and password
2. When prompted for your 2-step verification code, select the “Unable to submit a one-time code?” link. If you don't receive this 2-step prompt when signing in, try clearing your browser cache and/or following these steps in your browser’s “private” or “Incognito” mode
3. Select “I have lost my Authenticator App”
4. Follow the rest of the instructions to complete the process (these require a government-issued ID)

If you're having trouble with the identity verification process, please see this article for additional support. 

This process may take 48-72 hours to complete. You'll receive a confirmation email stating that the process has been completed. You'll then be able to sign in via SMS sent to your verified phone. Please note that for security reasons, we are not able to remove 2-step verification completely, so you will need to at least have SMS, but we recommend a security key or TOTP authenticators like Google or Duo

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