What is 2-step verification?

You'll need the mobile device and phone number associated with your Coinbase account in hand in order to successfully complete 2-step verification.

Coinbase offers 2-step verification, known also as 2-factor (2FA) or multifactor authentication, as an added security layer when signing in.

2-step verification provides additional protection for your account, by being required to provide a unique verification code, in addition to your username and password.

Some events that can trigger 2-step verification

  • Sign-in attempt from an unrecognized device

  • Sign-in attempt from a unrecognized phone number

  • Sending crypto out of your Coinbase account

Types of 2-Step Verification

If you're having an issue with 2-step verification, learn how to troubleshoot 2-step verification issues by reviewing the specific 2-step verification articles above. You will find information on what they are, why to use them, how to add them to your account, as well as troubleshooting steps.

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