Passkeys on Coinbase

You can now setup and use a passkey with Coinbase. Passkeys are here to keep your account secure and make signing in less painful.

What are Passkeys?

Passkeys were developed by Apple, Google, Microsoft and the Fido alliance to make online accounts more secure and easier to access. 

Passkeys use cryptography to randomly generate a unique code that serves as an alternative to traditional password sign in. Unlike passwords, which can be easily forgotten, guessed, or stolen, passkeys are generated on your device and are not shared or stored on any server.

Passkeys can be stored in your 

  • Browser (chrome)

  • Apple, Google, or Microsoft device

  • Password manager

  • iCloud/Microsoft/Google cloud

What are the benefits of Passkey’s? 

  • Passkeys are very secure: Passkeys are resistant to many of the most frequent online security issues, like password breaches, password enumeration, and phishing attacks. 

  • Passkeys are very user friendly: You can sign by clicking once and completing your device specific unlock, like biometrics scan, PIN, or password. Passkeys can be synced to your Apple, Google, or Microsoft cloud accounts and used cross device. 

How to set up a passkey on your Coinbase account

When signing into your Coinbase account, follow these steps to set up passkey:

  1. Select avatar in the top right

  2. Click Settings

  3. Click the Security tab 

  4. Click two-factor authentication

  5. Go to the Passkey option

  1. Select in the top left and select Profile & Settings under your name

  2. Navigate to Security and select Change security settings (this will open a mobile browser window)

  3. Select Upgrade your two-factor authentication

  4. Select Passkey and follow the instructions to add your passkey

How to use a passkey?

If you’ve set up a passkey, Coinbase will detect your passkey and prompt you for it during sign in or two-factor authentication. If we can’t detect the passkey on your device, you can also click the “Sign in with Passkey” option during sign in.

What happens if I lose access to my passkey?

If you lose access to your passkey, you can alway sign into Coinbase with your email, password, and 2FA. Accessing and recovering your passkey is done within your Apple, Google, or Microsoft account, so be sure to keep the account secure.

If you lose access to a device with your passkey stored, you may still have access to your passkeys. This will depend on where you stored the passkey. If you stored it on the browser (chrome), cloud/microsoft/google cloud, or password manager, you can access it from any other device connected to the passkey's storage.

If you lose access to the only device with your passkey(s) stored, you can sign in with email and password. To recover your passkey(s), you’ll need to work with your account provider that manages your passkey(s).

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