Onchain verification

Onchain verification leverages the Ethereum Attestation Service to enable the issuance of Coinbase-verified, onchain attestations. Initially, you’ll verify that you have a valid Coinbase trading account and your country of residence (optional). These verifications can be tied to any self-custodial Ethereum (EVM) wallet address and are non-transferrable to other addresses. 

Verification serves as a trusted badge in the onchain ecosystem and grants you access to a growing list of onchain apps and benefits. Initial benefits include a badge in the Base’s Guild and access to the private #verified-coinbase-users channel in Base’s Discord. In the future, the attestation will provide access to gasless transactions and more participating apps on Base. Check the Verifications page to see upcoming apps.

Currently, onchain verification is only available on the Base network. Support for other networks will be added over time. Check the Verifications page to see upcoming apps.


To get verified, you must have an active Coinbase account that isn’t subject to any restrictions that would prevent buying, selling, and/or converting crypto on Coinbase.com.

Verify your wallet

There’s no fee to verify your wallet. Your verification remains active as long as your Coinbase trading account remains active and fully verified.

To verify your wallet:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase.com account.

  2. Access the Coinbase Verifications process.

  3. After we confirm you’re eligible, you can connect your wallet and claim your verification.

Join the private discord channel

Having a verified account grants you access to a private discord channel where we’ll share benefits for verification holders.

To join:

  1. Navigate to Base’s Guild.

  2. Select Join Guild to get roles and connect your verified account wallet and discord. 

    • You should now see the Verified Coinbase User role in Guild

  3. Join Base’s discord in the #verified-coinbase-users channel (private section).

Data shared through process

When you verify, the only information shared onchain is that your wallet address is associated with a verified Coinbase trading account. 

Optionally, you can choose to attest to your country of residence, which may be required to gain access to certain apps. No other personal information is shared. Rest assured, nothing will ever be published onchain without your consent. 

If your verification status or country of residence changes, we will automatically reissue your verification to reflect these changes.

Revoke the verification

You can revoke your verification after 24 hours have passed since the initial claim. This means your verification will no longer link to your wallet. However, onchain records will still indicate that the verification was associated with that wallet at one point in time.

Can’t get a verification

If you’re unable to get a verification, it could be due to not having completed all applicable internal verification requirements for your Coinbase account, residing in a jurisdiction that prohibits trading, or otherwise being ineligible to buy, sell, and/or convert crypto on the Coinbase retail platform. Sign in to your Coinbase.com account to check your eligibility, or contact support if you have a question.

Add my verification to multiple wallets

You can associate your verification with up to three wallet addresses. For example, you can verify 3 addresses on Coinbase Wallet, or you can verify 1 address each on Coinbase Wallet, MetaMask, and Rainbow wallet.

Get a verification for other things in the future

While we’re starting with Coinbase trading account and country of residence verifications, we plan to introduce other types of verifications over time. These verifications may allow customers to access various apps and benefits, and allow apps to offer differentiated services. Our ultimate goal is to enable 3rd parties to issue verifications using our service, broadening the ways that users can get verified.