SMS/Text 2-step verification

SMS 2-step verification

SMS/Text is a phone app authentication or text-based authentication. Since SMS is linked to a phone number, it can leave you susceptible to phone number porting attacks. These types of attacks involve an attacker transferring or "porting" a victim's phone number to a device the attacker controls, effectively taking over the number and associated 2-step verification codes.

If you verify a phone number via text message without installing any TOTP authentication apps, you will automatically receive 2FA codes via SMS text message.

For security purposes, Coinbase does not support the delivery of 2-step verification codes via voice call. If you have a landline registered with your Coinbase account, follow these steps to upgrade your security:

  1. Sign in to the Coinbase website with your username and password.

  2. Click I need helpI need to update my phone number

  3. Complete the Account Recovery process by following the steps listed

  4. Increase your security by enabling Authenticator:

SMS/Text Troubleshooting

Not receiving the SMS (text) codes

  • Due to issues with the SMS network itself, codes may not get delivered to everyone. You may want to instead use an authenticator app to complete this step, since they don't require internet connectivity or SMS coverage

  • Your SMS inbox may be full. Try deleting some messages from your inbox and request another code

  • If you're using an authenticator app (like Google or Duo), you won't get SMS codes sent to your phone. You will need to use your authenticator app for codes instead

Note: After several requests to resend the SMS code, our system may temporarily stop sending them as a security measure. After 24 hours we'll resume sending codes via SMS. If you've already waited 24 hours and still aren't receiving the codes, check with your phone carrier to see if they're blocking our SMS messages

The SMS codes aren't working

If you continue to attempt SMS verification, and are receiving an invalid error, a common reason for this happening is that too many requests are happening back to back. This can invalidate some of the codes before they're able to get to you, as they can take up to 60 minutes to arrive. We recommend re-trying SMS verification, requesting the codes only one time within a 60 minute timeframe.

You may also be using TOTP authenticator rather than SMS for verification. Check your security settings to see. If you are using a TOTP authenticator, see our Duo and Google Authenticator (TOTP) article for further help.

Additionally, you can choose the Try Another Way option. If you’re using SMS as your primary 2FA, Coinbase Security Prompt (Push Notification for 2FA) will be shown as an alternative 2FA method if you have previously enabled it on your account.

If you have a new phone number and still have access to your old number, try the following steps.

  1. Sign in to your account with your username, password, and 2-step verification code from your old number

  2. Go to your Security Settings page

  3. Verify your new phone number in the 'upgrade your 2-factor authentication' section

  4. Go to 'Text Message'

  5. Go to 'Add phone number'

  6. Set your new phone number as the Primary number

  7. (optional) Delete your old number

If you are using a NEW SIM card with your old number, please follow instructions for new phone, new number below instead.

Note: This process takes 48-72 hours

If you have a new phone number and no longer have your old number:

  1. Sign in to your account with your username and password

  2. When prompted for a 2-step verification code, select Try another way > Update your phone number 

    • Note: If you do not get this prompt after logging in, try logging in on an incognito browser or clearing your cache and trying again

  3. For security reasons, you'll be asked to provide:

    • A photo of the front and back of your photo ID

    • A photo of yourself taken live by webcam (this process must be completed through the website and cannot be completed using the mobile app.)

Once you complete all the steps above, you should be able to sign in to your account after 48-72 hours. You’ll receive an email confirmation once the review has been completed, then you can log in and update your phone number in your account settings.


  • Once account access has been restored, sends will be disabled for 24 hours. After that period, you should have full trading capabilities.

  • If you log in while the review is still in progress, you’ll be required to enter the PIN code you received during the initial account recovery steps.

If you no longer would like to receive the 2-factor text messages, you can install a TOTP like Google Authenticator, DUO, or Microsoft on one of your devices.

If you continue to receive the text messages, you may want to remove your phone from Coinbase and re-verify. You will then need to follow these steps again.

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