Interacting with Dapp support teams

If you need help with a transaction made on a specific dapp, seek support from the dapp support team directly on their platform (chat bot, help center articles, email, etc.). However, if those options are not made available to you proceed with caution. 

It is common for dapps to have discord channels for support but please use with caution and avoid the following:

  • Never provide anyone with the user name or password to your coinbase account.

  • Never send funds to anyone claiming that they need this in order to resolve an issue.

  • Avoid responding to Discord DMs. Support teams will never DM you first

A support team member will never ask for your personal information, for your Coinbase password or for your seed phrase. If this is the case, then you are likely not speaking to a support team member.

If in doubt, ask in a public channel if a specific person is legitimate.

You can avoid scams by ensuring that you are not providing any personal information, passwords or your private keys to the individual you speak to. 

You can also avoid scams by seeking support directly on the dapp’s platform if it's available.

Unfortunately, Coinbase will not be able to restore funds if you send them to a fraudulent support team member. To learn how to identify and report scams, please view the safety article here.