Recovering your web3 wallet

Limited release

Web3 wallet is currently being released to a limited audience and may not yet be available for certain users to access.

Other important points to note:

  • You can only use the web3 wallet on one device at a time otherwise you will have to confirm your identity again. Learn more about recovering your web3 wallet here.

  • Users who interact with the web3 browser through the web will have a ‘read-only’ experience on the web of the web3 wallet. Assets inside the web3 wallet will be visible, but you won't be able to move them or transact with them.

If you no longer have access to your device (e.g. you lost your device, bought a new device, or deleted the Coinbase app from your device), you can recover your account by completing the account recovery process.

  1. To recover your wallet, sign into your main Coinbase account from your new device. Select the ‘Assets’ tab on the bottom navigation menu and then click ‘wallet’s at the top of your page. 

  2. You should see 2 wallets: Primary wallet and Dapp wallet. If the dapp wallet is not available you will see an eye icon next to the logo and the words ‘View only’.


3. Click on the Dapp wallet and a message will appear on your screen telling you to  “Confirm your identity to recover your Dapp wallet”. Click ‘confirm my identity’. 

4. You will be directed to another page where you will be asked to check a box confirming that you agree with the terms and conditions of recovering your wallet onto your new device. These terms include: 

  • Completing an identity verification process before you can restore your wallet, which can take up to 48 hours

  • Acknowledging that once your dapp wallet is restored on a new device, it can no longer be accessed through the original device (in other words, your dapp wallet can only exist on one device at one time).


5. Select the checkbox to acknowledge the terms and then click ‘Proceed’ to continue with the process. Please note that this process normally requires approximately 48 hours and you will not be able to make transactions until the recovery process is complete. 

6. To complete the identity verification process, you will need to take a photo of your ID and then take a selfie:

  • Select your ID type. You can choose between an ID card or a Driver’s License. 

  • Take a picture of the front and back of your ID card or Driver’s License. 

  • Next, take a selfie 

  • Once you have completed both steps, click ‘submit’ to submit your recovery request. After your identity has been verified, your Dapp wallet should be restored to your device within 48 hours.


We require identity verification when recovering your account for security reasons. 

To prevent fraud and to make any account-related changes, Coinbase will ask you to verify your identity from time-to-time. We also ask you to verify your identity to ensure no one but you changes your payment information.

As part of our commitment to remain the most trusted cryptocurrency platform, all Identification Documents must be verified through the Coinbase website or mobile app. We do not accept emailed copies of your identity documents for verification purposes.

Here is the complete list of accepted and unaccepted Identity documents:

  • Accepted identity documents

    • United States

      • State-issued IDs such as a Driver License or Identification Card

    • Outside of United States

      • Passport

      • Government-issued photo ID

      • National Identity Card

  • Unaccepted identity documents

    • United States Passports

    • United States Permanent Resident Card (Green Card)

    • School IDs

    • Medical IDs

    • Temporary (paper) IDs

    • Residence Permit

    • Public Services Card

    • Military IDs

If your ID verification request fails, we will send a message to your email and within the app letting you know why and inviting you to submit your Identity documents or contact support.

 Your ID verification most likely failed for the  following reasons:

  • You did not use a valid ID that matches the personal details for your account

  • The photos of your ID were obscured and difficult to read

Make sure you are using a valid ID and that your photos are unobscured before submitting. 

If you are still having problems verifying your identity you can contact us through our customer support page.

Go to the Assets page on your main Coinbase account and select the ‘Wallets’ tab. 

If your account recovery request is still being reviewed, it will say ‘Recovery in progress’ under the ‘Dapp wallet’ option. If you select the dapp wallet, a pop up will appear informing you that we have received your account recovery request and after passing identity verification, your dapp wallet should be restored to your device within 48 hours.


If you attempt to sign into your old device while your recovery submission is still pending, you will see a message that says ‘Dapps are currently not available on this device”.

No, you will not be able to transfer the funds in your web3 wallet while account recovery is in process. This typically takes up to 48 hours, but in some cases may take longer.

No, Coinbase support is not able to expedite account recovery.