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Coinbase Prime API private key creation

To use Prime API endpoints, you’ll need to generate an API key. Here’s how to do that if you have a Coinbase Prime account: 

You can only create or modify a Coinbase Prime API key if you have one of the following roles: Administrator, Initiator, Authorized Signatory, or Full Trader. Learn more about authorized user roles and permissions and how to update them on your account.

If you are not yet a Prime customer, you can find more information and get started with an account for your business here.

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase Prime account.

  2. Select your profile photo or the default image, which is a circle with your first initial, to open the sidebar. Access your settings by selecting the gear icon in the sidebar. 

  3. Once you’ve opened the Settings dashboard, select the APIs tab.

  4. Select Create API Key.

  5. In the pop-up window, enter the API Name, Access Type, and Expiration Date.

  6. Select Continue. The action requires consensus approvals before it’s processed.

  7. Verify your identity with Yubikey.

    Once you have consensus approvals, your API key will appear in Pending keys and you can proceed with the next step. 

  8. Under Pending keys, find your API key. Select Activate Key and then select Activate API key in the pop-up window.

  9. Verify your identity with Yubikey.

Your API secret will only be shown once. Make sure you record it in a secure location. If you lose your API secret, you will not be able to retrieve it.