Multichain Support

Most assets on Coinbase Exchange are only supported on the blockchain network that hosts them, though we do offer multi-chain support for selected assets.

The benefit of being able to choose from more than one network for your Coinbase Exchange transaction is that some networks may offer lower fees and higher speeds.

If an asset is supported on multiple networks, the available networks will be displayed during the deposit or withdrawal steps and you'll have the option to choose which network to use for the transaction.

For a list of supported assets and networks, please visit 

Note: The same network must be used on both the sending end and the receiving end unless the transaction involves the Polygon and Ethereum networks. 

Please make sure you are depositing assets which are supported by Coinbase Exchange. 

Assets deposited or withdrawn to the wrong address or unsupported network may be permanently lost. 

Please note that multi-chain support is not yet offered in New York. If you do not see a list in the dropdown box under “Network”, it could mean you are based in a region ineligible to receive multi-chain support. 

If you are eligible for multi-chain support, you will be able to select multiple networks under the dropdown box:

Multichain Support - Screenshot of multiple chains

If you are ineligible for multi-chain support, you will be unable to click any options under the dropdown box. The only available chain to you will be via Ethereum:

Multichain Support - Screenshot 2

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