USD CBIT Deposits

Enabling CBIT

To deposit using Customers Bank Instant Token (CBIT), you must first establish a connection between your CBIT account and Coinbase Exchange. 

For support enabling this payment method, please see Related Articles on Connecting with CBIT.

Depositing with CBIT

  1. Login to the CBIT banking portal to initiate a deposit

  2. Input the Coinbase CBIT wallet address

  3. Input the Account Reference code in the Public Description field of your CBIT deposit

    • Format: CBA<Account Reference code>EXC (Example: CBAXXXXXXXXEXC)

Important information for timely deposits

Please ensure the Account Reference code is provided to prevent deposit delays.


There is no fee charged by Coinbase for depositing via CBIT.


Deposits should appear in your account immediately.

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