How to Make a Payment

You can pay a Coinbase Commerce merchant with hundreds of cryptocurrencies! You can use any asset on your account, or you can use funds over a supported network from your self-custody wallet.

Currently, only ERC-20s are accepted via self-custodial wallets. To pay in other currencies, like Bitcoin, Litecoin, or Doge, you will need to use your account.

How to make a crypto payment

1. Choose how you want to pay
If you have a account, you can use any cryptocurrency you own there. To do so, select “Pay with your Coinbase account,” sign in, select an asset, and submit your payment. It’s that simple. 

Otherwise, you can connect your personal crypto wallet and pay with funds there. 

2. Connect your wallet
If you are not using a account, you will need to link your personal wallet to Coinbase commerce. This is a one-time step for new users, and it’s safe and quick. You can do this through a wallet extension on desktop, a mobile wallet, or by scanning the QR code. 

3. Pick a currency and network
Your wallet will show you the different cryptocurrencies and networks you can use to pay. Networks like Base and Polygon will have lower fees than on Ethereum, so we encourage you to use funds on those networks. 

4. Confirm your payment
You will need to authorize the ability for funds to leave your account. If it's your first time paying with a particular currency, you will need to provide a few different approvals. 

After submitting these approvals, you’ll be all set. Your payment will be swapped into a stablecoin and sent over to the merchant. 

Detailed instructions for experienced users

Connect your wallet

If you selected to pay via self-custody wallet and haven’t interacted with before, you will then be prompted to connect your wallet to the site. This doesn’t require a wallet signature and is just a “Dapp connection” in your wallet.

Select a network and currency

Note: network selection only applies to payments made with a self-custody wallet, not

Select a network

After connecting your wallet, Commerce will have visibility of your balances on each supported network and automatically choose the cheapest network with sufficient balance to pay the requested amount + network fees.

If you wish to pay with a different network than the defaulted one, simply click on the currency selector and choose a different network – then select your preferred currency. You will need a sufficient balance in the payment currency as well as the native gas token (e.g. if you want to make a payment in USDC on Polygon, you will also need MATIC on Polygon to pay the respective gas costs).

Select a payment currency

To select a different currency than the default option, click the currency selector and select your preferred payment currency. If a currency appears to be grayed out, this means the currency balance is too low to pay the requested amount.

Wallet signatures 

Note: wallet signatures only apply to payments made with a self-custody wallet, not

Depending on the currency used for payment, you will be required to sign either 2 or 3 transactions with your wallet:

Token Approval 

All payments made in an ERC20 token that isn’t the respective network’s native currency (eg. ETH on Ethereum, MATIC on Polygon) will require token approval. This approval limits how much of that token can be requested by the contract. Token approvals are an important security feature of Ethereum, Polygon, and other networks. Coinbase Commerce uses Permit2, an audited and immutable smart contract released by the Uniswap team.

Once you approve a specific token for Permit2, you won’t need to approve again. However, the token approval is only good for the approved token, and doesn’t carry over to other ERC20s in your wallet.

Transfer Intent

After currency selection (and token approval if applicable) you will be prompted to sign the Coinbase Commerce transfer intent. This signature doesn’t cost gas and simply authorizes Coinbase Commerce to request a payment from your wallet.

Payment Confirmation

After signing the transfer intent, the final wallet signature is for payment confirmation. This will look slightly different depending on the wallet provider used for payment. 

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