Coinbase Prime FAQs

What is the difference between the current Coinbase Prime and the new Coinbase Prime?

To better align our services and product functionality, we recently rebranded our direct-market-access Coinbase institutional product from Coinbase Prime to Coinbase Exchange. Coinbase Exchange provides high performance APIs and an expert trading platform for market makers and high-frequency traders. Coinbase Prime is an integrated prime brokerage platform.

How is the new Coinbase Prime different from Coinbase Exchange, Custody, or OTC?

Coinbase Prime is an integrated platform that provides clients with trading, custody, and prime services. Coinbase Prime is an integrated solution that provides the same secure offline storage we offer through Coinbase Custody, along with an advanced trading platform and prime services so you can manage your crypto assets in one place. You can now trade cryptocurrency and move in and out of custody within one product and one user interface, streamlining your Coinbase institutional experience. We are also continually adding new features to Coinbase Prime, including our recent integration of analytics market data

When can I upgrade my Coinbase institutional account to the new Coinbase Prime?

The new Coinbase Prime is available. We encourage you to upgrade to our Prime solution based on your needs. 

How do I apply for Coinbase Prime?

To learn more about Coinbase Prime, please visit If you are a new customer and would like to apply, please select “Get Started.” We will ask you to submit an interest form to assess your individual needs and will then follow up with an invitation to our application. 

I am currently a Coinbase Exchange client – what does this product announcement mean for me?

You may continue to use Coinbase Exchange (previously branded as Coinbase Prime), but you’ll need to access to sign in to Coinbase Exchange. Once signed in, your product experience will remain entirely the same as before the rebrand.

You are eligible to upgrade to a Coinbase Prime account.  Alternatively, you may choose to maintain both a Coinbase Exchange and Coinbase Prime account in parallel.

I am currently a Coinbase Custody client – what does the new Coinbase Prime mean for me?

There is no action required on your end. Your product experience will remain the same until you upgrade to the new Coinbase Prime. We may reach out to you with instructions on how to upgrade to Coinbase Prime if you would like to do so. You may also contact your account manager to learn more. 

Can I apply for the new Coinbase Prime and still keep my existing Coinbase Custody account for my other investment vehicles?

When you upgrade your Coinbase Custody account to Coinbase Prime, your account information will seamlessly migrate over. You will see your account setup, user access, and funds in a familiar layout but with additional features. Once the migration is complete, you will no longer have access to your legacy Coinbase Custody account.

Do I have to upgrade to the new Coinbase Prime? 

No, you do not need to upgrade to the new Coinbase Prime. However, we have designed the new Coinbase Prime as a unified investing experience and think that most clients will benefit from the integrated nature of this platform. We recommend reading more about the features and services offered by Prime at

Will my pricing change if I convert to Coinbase Prime?

The new Coinbase Prime will have its own pricing schedule, which we will communicate to you before you upgrade your account.

If I already have a Coinbase Institutional account, do I have to resubmit my account information to get started with Coinbase Prime?

When you upgrade your account to the new Coinbase Prime, we will use the information we have on file about your entity to set up your new Coinbase Prime account, but you may need to submit additional information (such as an authorized user list) depending on what product you were using. If you are not in the United States, please contact your account manager to learn more about how to upgrade to the new Coinbase Prime.

Does the new Coinbase Prime have any APIs? How will upgrading my Coinbase Institutional account to the new Coinbase Prime impact my existing APIs?

Coinbase Prime APIs are available and offer similar features to our other API offerings. Please see for more information and access to developer documentation. There will be no impact to your existing API connections for other Coinbase products when signing up for Prime.

Is the new Coinbase Prime available outside of the United States? 

The new Coinbase Prime will be available to most Coinbase Exchange and Custody clients outside of the U.S., although initially, trade execution services will be provided via our U.S. entity, Coinbase, Inc., with associated custody provided via our Irish custodial entity, Coinbase Custody International Limited, for non-U.S. customers. The new Coinbase Prime will not be available to clients in a small number of international jurisdictions under this model. As we add additional services to the new Coinbase Prime, we will assess feasibility across any relevant international markets.

If you are a current Coinbase institutional customer and the new Coinbase Prime is not currently available in your jurisdiction, you may simply continue to use your current Coinbase institutional services.