Consensus for Web3 Wallet

Coinbase Prime provides institutional grade security features to tailor approval workflows for your Web3 wallet. This guide helps you set up consensus rules to manage transaction approvals.  

What is Consensus for the Web3 Wallet?

The Prime Web3 Wallet leverages the policy engine to set a unique consensus for each portfolio and apply custom transaction settings. This feature allows you to customize controls for each portfolio without affecting others. If no specific rules are set, the wallet follows the portfolio's general consensus.

Learn more about how custom rules apply and relate to existing consensus here.

Configuring Consensus Rules

Consensus rules are managed separately for transactions and messages. Web3 Transactions are to on-chain operations, while Web3 Messages typically connect to dApps, authenticate or transfer assets.

To modify the consensus setting for a rule:

  1. In Coinbase Prime, open Settings

  2. Navigate to the Web3 Security Settings

  3. Select Manage in the Policy Engine tab

  4. Click the pencil icon to edit a rule

  5. Adjust the consensus outcomes

  6. Add new rules or select Update

  7. Select Review Changes and verify your identity with your YubiKey.

The updated consensus will be active once approved with General Approval consensus settings.