Deposit funds to your web3 wallet


To complete this you must have: 

  • Prime Web3 Wallet Chrome Extension downloaded

  • Web3 wallet created

The web3 wallet can be funded by depositing funds from your Prime Vault, trading wallets, or external wallets. 

Prime Web3 Wallet currently supports: 

  • EVM compatible chains:

    • Ethereum, 

    • Arbitrum, 

    • Avalanche C-Chain, 

    • Base, 

    • BNB (Binance Smart) Chain, 

    • Fantom Opera, 

    • Gnosis, 

    • OP Mainnet, 

    • Polygon PoS

Web3 Deposits

Do not deposit assets from other chains to this wallet as they may be permanently lost.

To fund your wallet you will first need to obtain your wallet address.

From the Prime Web3 Wallet Extension

  1. Open the extension and log in using your Prime credentials

  2. If needed, click the portfolio name at the top of the extension to navigate between portfolios.

  3. Click Receive.

  4. Click the double box icon to copy the address to your clipboard or click the QR code and scan with your device.

From Prime Web

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime.

  2. Select your portfolio (top left drop down).

  3. From the web3 menu, the wallets will be listed

  4. Select the wallet, and copy the address


Most Prime accounts have trusted address protection enforced. Add your web3 wallet address to your Prime Trusted Address book before completing this step. Learn how here.

To transfer assets from your Prime Vault or Trading wallets 

  1. Sign in to Coinbase Prime.

  2. Find the asset you want to transfer and click Withdraw from the Actions column 

    • If this option is not available your user role doesn't have the permissions to perform this action

  3. Click Withdraw to External Address

  4. Choose the wallet you want to withdraw from

  5. Choose the wallet you want to deposit funds to 

    • If you have Trusted Address Protection enabled, you must choose an address from your address book. Learn how to add this address here

  6. Enter the amount of crypto you want to withdraw

  7. Click Preview Withdrawal

  8. Once you have reviewed the transaction details, click Initiate

  9. Authorize with your YubiKey

  10. Once authorized, your withdrawal has been initiated

  11. Complete required consensus approvals. A video call may be required as a security measure. 

  12. Once approved, your transaction will be processed. Vault withdrawals may take up to 24 hours to complete.

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