Coinbase Pro

How do I transfer all of my funds to Advanced Trading?

When you open Coinbase Pro, you'll see a banner to transfer funds. From web:

  • Click the blue Coinbase banner at the top of the screen.

  • Select Transfer funds.

     You can also initiate a transfer on the Portfolios section by selecting Withdraw.

  • Select All portfolios.

    If you have open orders, follow the prompt to cancel all orders on the Orders section. Funds held on open orders will not be included in the transfer.

  • Select as the transfer destination.

  • View transfer details and confirm transfer by selecting Withdraw.

  • View your transfer status on the Withdrawals tab.

  • Once your transfer is complete, your funds are immediately available to trade on Coinbase.

Frequently asked questions

Why do I still have a balance after transferring all funds?

  • You have open orders. Cancel your Pro open orders on the Orders page and these funds will be available next time you complete the transfer.

  • You have pending instant deposits. Instant deposits permit you to instantly trade while we complete the ACH transfer. As ACH completion is pending, you must hold equivalent funds on Coinbase Pro until completion. Once your ACH deposit completes, try transferring again. Read more about deposits.

  • One or more of your transfers failed. Please try to complete the transfer again. If the issue persists, reach out to Customer Support.

Why do I have to cancel orders before I transfer my funds?

  • Funds held on open Pro orders will not be transferred to Coinbase. You can elect to cancel your open Pro orders to fully migrate your funds to our new Advanced Trading platform. 

Why are some of my transfers missing?

  • All of your transfers should display on the Withdrawals page on Pro, and show up in that asset’s wallet on If you have multiple portfolios, check the withdrawals page of all portfolios to view all transfers.

Once the transfer is successful, will my funds be available to trade on Coinbase or will they be on hold? 

  • Upon successful transfer, funds will be immediately available to trade on Coinbase.