Coinbase Wallet

Swap using a DEX

You can swap using a DEX on the Coinbase Wallet app and browser extension. Swaps can’t be conducted on the Coinbase centralized exchange.

Before you swap

  • Coinbase Wallet charges a fee of up to 1% on swaps

  • Swaps are routed through DEX aggregators, who may charge a fee.

    • This fee is reflected in the amount of the destination token you receive.

  • Network fees (miner fees) are paid to the miner for processing token transactions and securing the respective network.

To swap using a DEX:

  1. Sign in to your Coinbase Wallet app or browser extension.

  2. Select Swap

  3. Select the desired network.

  4. Select the token you want to swap and receive.

  5. Enter the amount.

  6. Review the details and select Confirm swap.

If you connected your Ledger device to the Wallet extension, then you need to sign/approve the transaction on your Ledger in order to complete this transaction.

To view your swap history:

  1. Select Transactions from the navigation.

  2. Select the transaction to view the details. 

Currently, you can’t export your Coinbase Wallet transaction history.

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