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Sometimes your money belongs in different places. This is why we keep some cash on hand, in a checking account, and in a savings account. Similarly, Coinbase users have the ability to organize funds into different wallets or store their crypto in a vault as part of their Coinbase account.

What is a vault?

A vault can receive cryptocurrency like a normal wallet, but can also prevent stored crypto from being immediately withdrawn by adding optional security steps.

  • Users can invite trusted individuals to co-sign withdrawals, which requires them to approve of a transaction before it can be completed.

  • Vaults also go through a secure approval withdrawal process after creation. Unapproved vault withdrawals will be canceled in 24 hours

Which cryptocurrencies can I store in a vault?

Currently, you can store any cryptocurrency that is supported on Coinbase. For more details, please click here.

If I already have a Coinbase account, do I need to sign up again with a new email address in order to use a vault?

No, vaults are available to all Coinbase users. You can create one on your existing Coinbase account.

How do I set up a vault?

Follow our help article on how to set up a vault. 

Why was my vault withdrawal canceled after I set it up?

All vault withdrawals must be approved by the designated approver. If a withdrawal has not been approved in the 24 hours after initiation, the withdrawal will be canceled.

You are able to initiate a new withdrawal immediately after.

How do I send funds to my vault?

There are two ways to fund a vault:

  • You can share your unique vault address to receive crypto from outside Coinbase directly to your vault.

  • You can transfer crypto from your Coinbase wallet to your vault. Moving funds between your Coinbase wallets and vaults is not supported on the Coinbase mobile app. Please use the website to complete this action.

To receive crypto from outside Coinbase directly to your vault:


  1. Click Portfolio

  2. Select the asset type you’d like to receive

  3. Click the Vault tab, then Deposit

  4. Select the asset address tab

  5. Once selected, the QR code and address will populate   

Coinbase mobile app

  1. Tap Portfolio

  2. Select the asset type you’d like to recieve

  3. Select your vault

  4. Tap the QR code in the upper-right hand corner

  5. Once selected, the QR code and address will populate

Note: To receive cryptocurrency to your vault, select Copy to share your address or allow the sender to scan your QR code. 

To transfer crypto from your Coinbase wallet to your vault:

  1. Click Portfolio

  2. Select the asset type you’d like to transfer

  3. Click the Vault tab, then Deposit

  4. On the From Account tab, enter the crypto amount you’d like to deposit 

  5. Confirm the amount, then select Continue

Once completed, your transfer will instantly appear in your vault. 

Note: If you send crypto to the wrong crypto address (for example, Bitcoin to Bitcoin Cash address), your crypto will be lost. 

How do I withdraw funds from a vault?

To initiate a withdrawal from your vault to your wallet:

  1. Click Portfolio, then select the vault 

  2. Select Withdraw

  3. Enter the crypto amount you’d like to withdraw (you can select Withdrawal all to transfer all your funds)

  4. Follow the prompts to complete your withdrawal

For a standard vault, once you enter the withdrawal details, a confirmation email will be sent to your inbox and to your secondary email inbox. Once the details are approved there, the 48-hour waiting period will begin.

Note: Currently, it's only possible to create one withdrawal request at a time. You must wait for an existing withdrawal to complete, or cancel it, before making another.  

Can I change the settings on a vault after it has been created?

Once a vault has been created, its withdrawal delay period (48 hours), notification settings, security settings, and owner cannot be changed. In the event that you need to change any of this information, it's best to create a new vault.

Is there a limit on the number of sub-wallets or vaults I'm allowed to create?

At this time Coinbase supports one wallet and one vault for each supported cryptocurrency.

Is there a fee for using vault storage?

None at all. Coinbase vaults are free to use, just like your wallet.  

Can Coinbase Support speed up or move funds from a vault in case of an emergency? 

For security reasons, Coinbase Support is unable to bypass the waiting period on a vault withdrawal or move funds. 

If I don't have enough funds in my spend wallet for a purchase, will it automatically pull from the vault?

Because the vault requires a withdrawal delay, there is no automatic process that will pull from the funds stored there. It is necessary to have an adequate amount of funds in your spend wallet before creating an instantaneous withdrawal or a purchase.

What's the best use for a Coinbase vault?

There are a variety of ways to store your digital assets, and it's definitely a good idea to find out which methods work best for you. The vault is an ideal storage tool if you wish to keep some digital assets online, but don't require quick withdrawals and want to be notified whenever there is a request to spend the funds. The choice to use both wallets and vaults allows you to strike a balance between convenience and increased security to keep you in control of your funds.

Kann ich mit einem Coinbase Vault Rewards erhalten? 

Ja, Sie können Rewards für Assets erhalten, die in einem Vault aufbewahrt werden. Wenn die Kryptowährung, die Sie dort aufbewahren, für Rewards infrage kommt (Staking-Rewards, Krypto-Zinsen p. a. usw.), erhalten Sie Rewards für diese Kryptos. 

DeFi-Yield steht derzeit für Assets in Vaults nicht zur Verfügung.

Hinweis: Für in einem Vault aufbewahrte ETH2 oder ADA erhalten Sie keine Rewards.

How do I cancel a vault withdrawal? 

To cancel your vault withdrawal to your wallet:

  1. Click Portfolio, then select your vault 

  2. Select the pending withdrawal transaction, then View Details

  3. Select Cancel withdrawal

Your cancellation will be completed instantaneously.

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