Device confirmation

Coinbase requires you to complete a device confirmation process that authorizes all devices (mobile and computer) and IP addresses before you can access your account.


  • Always use the newest New Device Confirmation email—links in older emails won't work 

  • You must start and finish this confirmation on the same device and at the same location

To confirm a new device, IP address, or to re-confirm:

  1. Sign in to your account. 

  2. Open the email, sent to your registered email address, from the device that you want to confirm (usually the new device you are trying to login with) and select the button in the email to complete device confirmation.

You may be prompted to re-confirm your device if:

  • You clear the cache and cookies from your browser

  • You use a different browser

  • Your browser is on private browsing or incognito mode

  • You use a VPN service or the TOR network


Device confirmation troubleshooting differs from 2-step verification troubleshooting.

  1. Check your Spam or Trash folders

  2. Add ( to your email contacts to prevent our messages from being flagged as spam

  3. If you use Gmail, check the Social and Promotional tabs

Invalid or expired

  1. Initiate a new confirmation email using the steps previously outlined.

  2. Check the Coinbase Status page for service issues.

  3. If the email is still invalid or expired, contact us.

The button doesn't work

Apple device: Turn off your Private Relay setting before selecting the email link.

  1. Access your phone settings.

  2. Select Apple ID, then choose iCloud.

  3. Select Private Relay and toggle it Off.

Non-Apple device: Check the Coinbase Status page for service issues. If the issue isn’t listed, please contact us.

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